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I, Anthony Morton, plan on taking my talents and furthering my academics at the amazing and flourishing school of Florida State University. This is what I plan on saying after 2 years have past. I love F.S.U., there campus is beautiful, there academics are one of the best in the south, and not to mention there unforgettable football team. I play football for my school and I plan to continue my career in football while playing for this school. Florida has made great players, players that have gone through many ups and downs in there careers, but hey have also made great men. Men who are prepared for anything life throws at them and  I plan to be apart of those great men. Men like the great Dion Sander, Jameis Winston, Dalvin Cook, Kevin Benjamin, and many others. Also I plan on leading Florida State to a national championship, while being the first ever unanimous Heisman. Let’s not forget …..It’s Florida who doesn’t like Florida? It’s the sunshine state 


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