Special Topic Post 1

Few thing truly interest me.I feel as though things may appear as interesting but they turn out to be dull. I guess you could say to never judge a book by it’s cover, huh? But the few things that I have a passion for are football, music, writing, debating, and politics.

           I can’t stress how I feel about football. But I’ll try, I love the feeling of the ball. Especially when I catch the ball and the feeling when it enters my hand. Also hitting others  with your body to show how dominate you are only makes the game better, and also proving that someone can’t stop you by running right threw them is also wonderful. Then it doesn’t hurt to get that check with 6 figures. And even when I’m not able to express myself through football, I turn to music.

      Music to me is like food, you can’t live without it. It’s amazing what music can do to a person. It can alter your mind and your feelings through a simple verse or even a beat. Music is an output for me to turn to something that I feel speaks to and understands me. Listening to people’s writing (music) make me want to write my own story. Just not in the way they did, in my way through a story.

        Whenever someone ask me what’s the most powerful thing, I don’t think of a man with a gun, or a sword, no instead I think of a man with a pen and paper, a creative man who can speak to others by not actions but words, words that can move a nation , words that can jump off the page and reach the readers heart, mind and soul while staying on the page. Writing to me is the way for those around me  to understand and remember me by.

Just as writing can be effective debating can also be effective too. Debating when others don’t believe your views is also effective.



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