technology 1/31/17


Image result for xyzprinting da vinci


This 3D printer isn’t your average printer that can just print paper. But with this new printer, you can produce 3D models of things. Things such as a ball, a solider, a pen , and many other things you can think of.  I personally like this because what if II need a new ball or something of that sorts. I could just go to my 3D printer and make myself a new ball. Also the printer can print wirelessly. Now you may be asking ” How long it takes to produce such items and well I’ll tell you. With the average crafting time being around 24-36 hours you can expect to be waiting  30 hours for something to print, unless the item is very long and wide. Then of course you’ll be looking at a bigger time frame. But with all this new technology coming out you figure that the time will change to it being quicker, the question is, when will it change?



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