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A man that I have never heard of is Jan Ersnt Matzeliger. Jan Ernst Matzeliger was born September 15, 1852 – August 24, 1889. Jan was a revolutionary (engaged in or promoting political revolution) in the shoe industry with the invention of the lasting machine. Jan was born in Paramaribo (then Dutch Guyana, now Suriname). His father was a Dutch engineer of German descent who was living in Dutch Guyana. He was very wealthy and very educated. His mother was a black Surinamese slave of African descent. At the age of ten, he was apprenticed in the machine shops run by his father, where Matzeliger developed an interest in machinery and mechanics. He had some interest in mechanics in his native country, but his efforts at inventing a shoe-lasting machine began in the United States after a life of working in a machinery shop. After that he settled in at 19 after working as a sailor. By 1877, he spoke some (just enough to get by, since Dutch was his native tongue) English and had moved to Massachusetts.


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The first black man to attend Stanford, was born during 1871. His name was Ernest Houston Johnson, he was born outside of Roseville, California. He was an affable child, the youngest of four. His father’s name was Beverly Johnson.  Ernest studied in business while attending Stanford. The thing was that many people didn’t know that he was a student at the university. He wasn’t known about until he was seen on one of the schools oldest football team’s picture.

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Cris Carter, a retired wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings is one the greats. He’s secured a position as a Hall of Famer after playing 14 years in the NFL. Randy even is often times considered the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game. He also racked up two rings before retiring. Moss is a transcendent player who has set the expectations for the wr position to a new level. Question is Will anyone top his unbelievable records and legacy?

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Pressional: Warren Moon

Who is Warren Moon?

Warren Moon is a former American Football player, who played in the Nfl for over 20 years. (22 years to be exact.) He has been there  through the times when being black wasn’t so good. He’s gone through the controversy with his people while managing his carrier. Moon attended the school of Washington and went undrafted after playing in college. He then went to Canada and played for the Edmonton Eskimos. Which lead to him joining the Huston Oilers. Moon went on to exceed in the NFL, winning numerous awards and setting an example of what black quarterbacks  could do.

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Desean Jackson isn’t the only person who strived for greatness.  Odell Beckham is also a great wide receiver in the NFL. He has done many things that great players have done. He’s broke records, made spectacular  catches, and also be their at moments when his team has depended on him. But Odell wasn’t just given the gift of being an amazing  Wide Receiver, it took years of hard work and practice. Something that only the greats enjoy and will do.  Odell has also became a leader for kids all across America to look up to.

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This 3D printer isn’t your average printer that can just print paper. But with this new printer, you can produce 3D models of things. Things such as a ball, a solider, a pen , and many other things you can think of.  I personally like this because what if II need a new ball or something of that sorts. I could just go to my 3D printer and make myself a new ball. Also the printer can print wirelessly. Now you may be asking ” How long it takes to produce such items and well I’ll tell you. With the average crafting time being around 24-36 hours you can expect to be waiting  30 hours for something to print, unless the item is very long and wide. Then of course you’ll be looking at a bigger time frame. But with all this new technology coming out you figure that the time will change to it being quicker, the question is, when will it change?


Current Event: 2017 Pro Bowl




The Pro Bowl was not in Hawaii this year but in Orlando. This tradition in the NFL, which has always been a game of the most favorite players, was anything but boring. It was filled with a few interceptions, one-hand catches, big hits and even a couple fumbles. I personally wanted the NFC to win the game, only because Odell Beckham Jr. is on the NFC and so is Jimmy Graham. But in the end the AFC took the championship beating the NFC by seven (20-13). Plus there also was a fan who was bold enough to run on the field and luckily got a few hugs by the players. In conclusion it was just a lot of fun. I just wonder how could it get any better?