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Recently there was a protest by the Black lives matter movement. Where? All around the country. It even reached Australia with African Americans and others protesting President Donald Trumps executive orders. I think that we need to find some way to take this to the house, more importantly the Senate. The Senate can impeach the president and can slow down the president and his request. What will the organization do in order to stop or slow down Trump?


Technology ( Black History Month)

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Benjamin Bradley was a slave born in 1830, who was most famous or known for because of his inventions. Being as though he was a slave he wasn’t allowed to be educated in how to read, write, or any other school based education. But  the children of Bradley’s master taught him how to read and write. He flourished in math and engineering, he exceed so much that he was given a job as an assistant in the science department at the United States Naval Academy. Benjamin was the first man to ever create an engine large enough to run the steam-powered warship.  I personally feel as though Benjamin Bradley is a very educated man.The man was only taught by children and landed at job with a prestigious organization, and created the first ever engine that was able to run the steam-powered warship, something that others who have went to college couldn’t do. This man has shown that even with very little education a man, especially a black man, can make something incredible. If I could talk to Mr.Bradley I would ask him, how do you work through failures?