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Free form (1/27/17)

The Rockets vs the 76ers, when you first hear that nine times out of ten you think of a blowout game with the rockets winning. But tonight the 76ers waned a win, they wanted to tie the season series to 1-1 before playing them next year. They started off giving the game their all making sure that the Rockets and James harden didn’t run away with the game. Even heading into the second half the Sixers didn’t ┬álet the game get out of the hand. But James harden did what he normally does, he takes over the game. Harden kept his team with the lead in the fourth , in which led them to a win against the Sixers. 123-118 the rockets giving them a 2-0 record against the Sixers for this season. I like both teams and didn’t care who won. But I expected the Rockets to win only because they have James Harden.


Free Form 1/20/17

The Warriors vs Rockets, two teams who many think that are bound for the Western Conference playoffs. I personally wanted the Houston Rockets to win. But things don’t go your way all the time. The warriors ended up running away with the game, with the score being 125-108. I don’t know if the Rockets where just slacking off because they beat the Warriors at the last meet up. The question that everyone else and I are thinking is, who wants it more? Who wants the season series to be 2-1 in their favor?